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Ballygowan x Aqua Libra

Energy Efficient Water Dispensers

Our range of energy efficient taps can fit into any installation, saving on space without limiting dispenser capacity.

Boiling, chilled, sparkling, and flavoured water. Instantly!

Your Water. Your Way. We make it simple

Aqua Libra Taps, a Britvic company, design, manufacture, supply, and maintain our own industry-leading range of energy-efficient water dispensers.

Explore our range of smart touch taps, state-of-the-art bottling systems, and our unique centralized distribution system, which filters water right from the source. Our products are some of the most cost-effective and advanced water dispensers available worldwide.

Aqua Libra Flavour Tap

Reinventing Hydration for a Happier & Healthier World

Pure filtered water with natural infused fruit flavours, no preservatives, no sugars, no calories!

It only takes ONE Flavour Tap to make a real impact towards waste reduction.

COUNTERTOP – Designed to fit in the standard cupboard and integrates seamlessly into your space.  FREE-STANDING UNIT - Everything is self-contained in a single unit. No different to a coffee machine.

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Water Solutions for your Workplace

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Meet Aqua Illi

The World's Smartest Touch Tap

Innovative design, cutting-edge technology, and premium aesthetics. The highest performing tap on the market today. Aqua illi is a perfect combination of user-friendly interface, high capacity dispense and stylish design.

Aqua illi provides high volumes of boiling, chilled, sparkling, or ambient water to keep your workforce hydrated.

Total elimination of limescale = ultimate energy efficiency and minimal maintenance.

Meet Aqua Alto

Hydration in Colour

Boiling, chilled, and sparkling water. Three taps. One base unit. And don’t forget the colour. What colour? Any colour!

Aqua Alto is a perfect combination of straightforward technology, high capacity dispenses and infinite choice of colour.

The Aqua Alto 3-tap system takes up no more cupboard space than a single tap because it runs off of a single base unit.

Decrease waiting times during your peak hours, by installing one tap for each type of water.

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Aqua Libra Hospitality Bottling

Elevate your guest experience through perfectly chilled, pure tasting water. Still or sparkling. Served in stylish branded bottles.

Cut costs and lock in pricing to avoid inflation for years ahead. Zero guilt thanks to zero single-use packaging and road miles.

Extensive choice of taps, finishes, colours, and accessories to suit your environment.
Chilled, Chilled Sparkling, Ambient and Boiling options.

Touch button options for timed and serve size pour (e.g. 750ml).

All-inclusive platforms which cover absolutely everything – install, filters and services, full parts, and labour guarantee.

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Our Tap Solutions cater to all your water needs at your workplace

Based near Dublin City Centre, we are a trusted supplier of commercial Water Dispensers, Water Cooler and Hydration Stations to some of the largest companies and organizations across Ireland.

Aqua Libra is a partner brand to Ballygowan, we supply products and equipment designed and manufactured to reduce the negative impacts of packaged waste on the environment, promoting a sustainable future.

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Aqua Libra caters to all your water needs at the office!

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