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Total Water Solutions for workplace

Ballygowan Water Coolers offer you a sustainable water solution for all your workplace hydration needs

We are a leading provider of Bottled Water Dispensers, Filtered Water Dispensers (point of use) and Packaged Water products.

We offer Water solutions rental and purchase with nationwide delivery.


Water Solutions for your workplace

Ballygowan bottled water solutions provide a mobile water solution for your workplace. 

Our water coolers come in a range of colours to suit your workplace surroundings.

All Ballygowan bottle coolers come with the option of a hot tap for tea, coffee or other hot drinks. 

Sanitation has increasingly become part of our everyday. Our new foot operated feature removes the need to handle the taps improving the hygiene of the unit. 

Our foot pedals only take minutes to install and can be added to your current Ballygowan water cooler. 


  • Ireland's Original & No.1 Bottled Water Brand
  • Natural mineral water
  • Small footprint
  • Quick installation
  • No plumbing required
  • Choice of colours available to suit your workplace

Filtered Water Coolers

We offer a range of filtered water solutions for your workplace needs

Key Features

  • Delivers hot, cold and ambient water options
  • Unparalleled dispense height of 274mm making it easy to fill large water bottles
  • Contactless
  • Advanced infrared sensor for hygienic dispensing
  • Intuitive interface for ease-of-use

Benefits of Filtered Water Solutions

  • Unlimited water supply at one fixed cost
  • Continuous hot/cold water supply of high quality drinking water
  • Sanitisation & maintenance included in the fixed rental cost
  • Elimination of manual handling
  • Eco-friendly
  • No bottle returns

What we offer

  • Rental or sale of water filters
  • Choice of 3 filter cooler water types
  • Full maintenance service
  • Free installation (up to 10m)
  • 0.5 Micron Hydro-filter

All plastic parts of the hydro-eco filters are protected by an anti-microbial solution that inhibits the growth of micro-organisms such as listeria, e. coli and salmonella. 

This means that harmful bacteria cannot grow inside the filters and contaminate the water supply. 

Aqua Libra energy-efficient water dispensers

Reinventing Hydration for a happier and healthier world! 

We are proud to be at the forefront of environmental initiatives within the water-dispenser industry.

We offer a range of industry-leading taps, which focuses on direct dispense of fresh, healthy drinks from our Britvic partner company Aqua Libra.

Boiling, Still, Chilled, Ambient and now introducing the innovative Flavour Tap, leading the way with healthy, natural flavours, delivered by patented micro-dosing technology. 
Our high-level filtration process removes all impurities, preventing a build-up of limescale, and keeping the system in good working order.

Click below to find out more information. 

Aqua Libra Website
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Ballygowan Water Solutions caters to all your water needs at the office!

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Customer Service and Delivery

At Ballygowan, we pride ourselves on providing our customers with a hassle free delivery and customer care service.


Ballygowan prides itself on offering a premium nationwide delivery service to its customers. We operate from 4 locations in the island of Ireland. Our scheduled nationwide delivery and sanitation cycle means that you always know when your next delivery or service is due.

Customer Care

What can you expect as a Ballygowan Water Cooler customer? We have a dedicated Contact Centre team, who will take care of arranging your water delivery and re-ordering needs. We’ll make sure your water dispense system is maintained and sanitised to IS 432:2010 and EDWCA standards. Our team is there to respond quickly to all your workplace water needs.

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Benefits to your business of oneposting

Ballygowan water cooler's integrated electronic invoicing solution allows customers access to their account - anytime, anywhere

  • Invoices are available in a more timely manner, compared to sending by post
  • Consolidates information for multiple accounts and multiple locations
  • Reduces the number of queries that customers have to raise with the Britvic Contact Centre, as all delivery dockets and invoices are available online
  • System enhances customer reconciliation of statements, invoices & deliveries. 

Registration is easy

Registration involves supplying 3 pieces of information. 

  • Ballygowan's membership number = BLG_PAPERFREE
  • A recent invoice number
  • Your account code with Ballygowan, go to www.oneposting.com and follow the registration links to gain access to your Ballygowan account information.

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