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Ballygowan Water Cooler offers you a total water solution for all your workplace and household hydration needs. We are a leading provider of Bottled Water Dispensers, Filtered Water Dispensers (point of use) and Packaged Water products. We offer Water Cooler rental and purchase with nationwide water delivery.

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At Ballygowan Water Cooler, we pride ourselves on providing our customers with a hassle free delivery and customer care service.

At Ballygowan Water Cooler, we pride ourselves on providing our customers with a hassle free delivery and customer care service. 


Ballygowan Water Cooler prides itself on offering a premium nationwide delivery service to its customers. We operate from 4 locations across the Island of Ireland. Our scheduled nationwide delivery and sanitation cycle means that you will always know when your next delivery or service is due.

Customer Care

What can you expect as a Ballygowan Water Cooler customer? We have a dedicated Contact Centre team, who will take care of arranging your water delivery and re-ordering needs. We’ll make sure your water dispense system is maintained and sanitised to IS 432:2010 and EDWCA standards. Our team is there to respond quickly to all your workplace water needs.

Easy To Do Business With

You can now access your invoices, delivery dockets and statements online via Ballygowan’s e-billing system - Ballygowan OnePosting.

How it works

  1. Register online at www.oneposting.com
  2. Whenever an invoice is generated, you will receive an email with a link to the invoice. You can then access the invoice online
  3. While online, you can view your entire account information and link from one item to another, e.g Statements, Invoices, Delivery dockets (POD’s).


Benefits to your business of OnePosting.

  • Ballygowan Water Cooler’s Integrated Electronic Invoicing Solution allows
    customers access to their account – anytime, anywhere
  • Invoices are available in a more timely manner, compared to sending by post
  • Consolidates information for multiple accounts and multiple locations
  • Reduces the number of queries that customers have to raise with Britvic Contact Centre, as all delivery dockets and invoices are available on line
  • System enhances customer reconciliation of statements, invoices and deliveries.

Registration is easy

Registration involves supplying three pieces of information.

  1. Ballygowan’s membership number = BLG_PAPERFREE
  2. A recent invoic number
  3. Your account code with Ballygowan Go to www.oneposting.com and follow the registration links to gain access to your Ballygowan account information.